First Show

The first show at Apartment profiled the work of five artists, all graduates from the MA Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. This group of artists showed work in every room in the flat, alongside the everyday objects.

Zac Ingham

Zac Ingham installed a firedoor closer, "keep door closed" sticker and door wedge onto the non fireproof kitchen door, a comment on the occasional absurdity of housing policy. Zac's ongoing interest in to social housing policy led Apartment to offer him a residency; intended to enable him to continue researching and making work based at the flat.

Hilary Jack

Hilary Jack installed her collection of single bone china teacups on occasional tables in the living room and served hot tea to all visitors while "Time and Tide" a video of the same teacups and tables being washed out to sea played in the same room.
The above is a still from Hilary Jack's 'Time and Tide', shown alongside the teacups placed in the living room.


Angie Mcveigh

Angie McVeigh works with ephemeral materials, an interest in site responsive methodologies and the overlooked informs her work. In the bathroom Angie using her own hair that she had brushed over the sink constructed a grid over the tap and basin only using soap as an adhesive. Angie Mcveigh was selected to show in Helsinki by Mika Hannula after he visited this inaugural show at Apartment.


Paul Harfleet

Paul Harfleet, installed hand collaged wallpaper to the living room walls. His second work; 'I had a dream i found a magpie outside my flat, then i did', explored ideas of memory and precognitive dreams, as the title reveals the magpie was found after a dream. The artist then kept the magpie in his freezer until he decided what to do with it. Several months later Paul made a single frame one minute long video of the magpie entitled 'One for Sorrow'. He then drew the magpie, and placed the drawing in the hall way allowing the drawing to be trampled by visitors. Finally Paul placed the magpie back where he first found it, enabling visitors to happen across it en route to the space recreating the deja vu experience.


Emma Green

Emma Green hung giant deflated balloons encrusted with paint on the coat hooks in a small vestibule in the flat. The work explores issues of plasticity, texture and colour. Emma also showed a tower of plastic cups which were covered in multi-coloured paint and placed in the bathroom.