Apartment Presents....

Eight current Fine Art Ma Students show Recent Works; James Alderson, Mark Bergum, Melanie Delaney, Andrew Ellerby, Naomi Kashiwagi, Amanda Ravetz, Rita Slater and Charlie Taylor.


Naomi Kashiwagi

The relationship between music, language and drawing processes and challenging standardizations within music are central to Naomi Kashiwagi’s practice. The process of translation is intrinsic to this exploration. For the preview Naomi sourced two musicians to play a 'duet' on the typewriters above in an exploration of the musicalities of the everyday.

Charlie Taylor

The pathetic inadequacies of Taylor’s performances present an entropic experience of the spaces that she inhabits. Her presence acts as a point of focus for these elements. The image shown is a component of Documentation of performance without audience. Charlie also did a performance during the opening; where she sat on top of the underpass leading to Apartment for an hour.

Andrew Ellerby

Samuel Beckett ‘Watt’ is a highly idiosyncratic portrait of a man who is himself the embodiment of a number of ideas and outlooks. The various combinations and permutations of events in Watt constantly reiterate points about philosophic outlooks and human possibilities. Andrew placed computer print outs directly onto the living room wall in a grid; all containing texts derived from Samuel Beckett's writings.

Amanda Ravetz

Amanda Ravetz makes videos and drawings exploring the fugitive elements of memory. For this show Amanda made a wall drawing with the aid of a projection which was shown projecting over the drawing intermittently. A book entitled 'Calling Home' was also shown, an image from which is shown below.

Melanie Delaney

Delaney attempts to locate the point at which creativity takes place, both mentally and physically, drawing on the allegorical qualities of everyday objects to reveal their significance as cultural phenomena. Here the pastimes of jigsaws and crosswords are investigated as visual and social constructs. Morphic resonance is a form of collective telepathic transference rumoured to be experinced by crossword buffs. It is apparently easier to solve a crossword in the evening than in the morning of publication, as more people have done it. The above hand drawn crossword replica was copied from The Guardian published on the day of the preview and was shown on the kitchen table, a jigsaw was also shown in the living room.

James Alderson

After spending years attempting to paint landscapes, James Alderson has now realised that it isn’t possible to paint landscapes. However, he is continuing to attempt to paint landscapes anyhow because that’s what he does, and in doing so he appears to be making landscapes out of paint. James placed his paintings in the living room.

Rita Slater

Rita Slater draws on her experiences as a nurse. The body and its care are central to her work. Altering the form and function of reclaimed domestic or institutional furniture she investigates not only surface but also internal space, exploring ideas of memory and memorial, intimacy and distance. The piece above; 'Closer', was a chair encased in a plywood cuboid and placed in the living room.

Mark Burgum

Mark Burgum’s practice explores the drawing process to communicate ideas surrounding urban regeneration. This detail was taken from the untitled work Mark showed in the Kitchen.