Giorgio Sadotti - PAUL PAUL IS THE ART

Giorgio Sadotti is a conceptual artist, he has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad. Giorgio wants things to be easy. He wants things to be simple. By utilising the skills of others Giorgio allows himself a freedom; a freedom to do nothing. For PAUL artist Giorgio Sadotti raised the status of Paul Harfleet, co-curator and tenant of Apartment, to art. A poster (Above) stated 'PAUL PAUL IS THE ART' this was placed directly on the front door of the flat instructing every visitor to the opening to view Paul Harfleet as the art.

Paul Harfleet is allocated as the art when he is in the flat and was given no specific instruction by the artist other than to be himself. A poster 'PAUL PAUL IS THE THING' is for sale, (£50) and aims to be a record of the show. The show runs until April 2nd and will be the last exhibition at Apartment. This blog will continue to be maintained as a resource and legacy of Apartment's activity over it's five year run.

The exhibition runs until April 2nd, view by appointment. For more information on Giorgio Sadotti click here

Below a Slideshow of the Opening!


harriet said...

I am really looking forward to hearing how this went having seen a few pictures on facebook. Hurry up and blog! Would also like to bag myself one of those lovely posters with my pals name on... details please.

Can't wait to come and see it next time i'm up.

Love and congrats on such a good run
H x

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