David Wilkinson and Beáta Veszely - HÁ

Above: ' Straight from the Heart' by BeataVeszely
Beáta Veszely and David Wilkinson

view by appointment until 2nd April

Apartment is delighted to present HÁ; an exhibition of work of Hungarian based artists Beáta Veszely and David Wilkinson. Their trip to the U.K has been facilitated by Apartment in conjunction with Castlefield Gallery as part of their Project Space Mentoring Scheme. Their practice is especially relevant to our activities at Apartment as both artists have a history of curatorial projects based in their own homes and the homes of other artists, starting with “Wish You Were Here” in 1994 in Leeds (supported by the Henry Moore Sculpture Trust with Erlend Williamson) and “Wish You Were Here Too” in 1996 in Glasgow, with Charles Esche.

Beáta Veszely and David Wilkinson have collaborated since 1995 as curators, teachers and artists; they have exhibited extensively in the U.K and abroad, while in Hungary they co-direct TIPP, Tihany International Postgraduate Programme a course of study for international artists.

Beáta Veszely

Hungarian born Beáta Veszely works across media consistently exploring the symbiotic relationship between horse and human through new media, performance, drawing and painting. Her new work focuses on the Hungarian sport of horsearchery. For HÁ Veszely exhibits a series of ink drawings of horse portraits on found art magazines, fashion magazines, and daily newspapers. The simple pen drawings encourage a new reading to the existing printed media, whilst simultaneously experimenting with the interpretation of horsearchery in a contemporary cultural context.

The image above is an installtion shot of 'HA' Drawings'; some of which were framed others were not. The various ages and subject matter of the found magazine pages inform the reading of the work.

David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson was born in the U.K and is now based in Budapest his current practice explores the notion of otherness using video, installation and sculptural intervention. ‘Simple Indifference is not enough; eventually curiosity will break your silence. We need them to renew ourselves, but once renewed our interest wanes, we see them as not us. The place where we encounter them and the place where we are most other is the foreign land. I live in a foreign land, for HA I have made a film and a sculpture to try to convey my home to you the viewer; some history, some people and some places that are familiar to me.’

David Wilkinson

'Artuad Waving' above (operated by Paul Harfleet) and right. David Wilkinson constructed a life size mannequin resembling the influencial surrealist figure Antonin Artuad. This was then hung in the bedroom and was visible through a specially drilled hole in the bedroom door. A pully system activated from the living room; animated the 'puppet' creating a disturbing presence of ' other' in the bedroom of Apartment. David also showed 'Playing it for Laughs' a video made in Hungary that referenced the experience of 'other' as a foriegn resident abroad.



LoneLady has been selected to perform at the world famous ‘South by Southwest’ festival in Austin, Texas; Apartment is hosting a one off acoustic fundraising gig:

Thursday March 2nd 7pm-9pm @ Apartment

The reason for this unexpected creative alliance is that Apartment and LoneLady both reside at Lamport Court; AKA ‘Rock ‘n Roll Towers’. Whilst Apartment runs its artistic activities from the sixth floor; LoneLady writes and records her music in an architecturally identical seventh floor flat. So in an unbridled celebration of this hot bed of artistic and creative talent Apartment is proclaiming allegiance with Lonelady by hosting this fundraising event in the hope that LoneLady is able to exploit every opportunity presented to her in the USA.

“Spewing forth from her Manchester Council flat… LoneLady conjures up sleazy, guttural mantras backed by her blazing Telecaster”

City Life Magazine

For more information on Lonelady visit: www.lonelady.blogspot.com


Above an image of LoneLady's fantastic acoustic fundraising performance at Apartment; Thanks so much to all those who attended. We raised over £250 that will go towards funding LoneLady's trip to Texas. For More information on; and to keep track of LoneLady you can visit the site above, to listen to some samples of her music you can visit: www.myspace.com/hiholonelady