Goodbye Apartment!

Today we took down the vinyl lettering at Apartment, at just a few inches high it was externally an almost invisible indicator of this particular artist led space. Though internally for five years it perpetually cast a jolly shadow over the white walls of the flat. We (Paul Harfleet and Hilary Jack) would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who ever visited our exhibition openings, to each of you that attended our exclusive little 'gigs', and the brave few that made the arduos journey across town and all the way up to the sixth floor for a personal visit. We genuinely enjoyed your company and have appreciated your support hugely. Pehaps most of all, we'd like to thank the artists, writers and musicians that chose to exhibit their work, words and songs in this flat: Just Paul's one bedroom sixth floor flat that became a strange and tiny beacon of creativity in a northern city called Manchester. In the meantime this blog will remain in place acting as documentation for each show, every artist and all events that have happened here, indoors and out. For those of you still interested in Apartment it's perhaps best that you e-mail Paul (pjharfleet@hotmail.com) or Hilary (hilaryjack1@gmail.com) individually as we will check the Apartment e-mail less as time goes on.

Once Again Thanks Ever So Much!.....

Paul and Hilary