The Good Life

The Good Life presents the work of ten artists based in Manchester, London and Philadelphia. Apartment rejoices in the nature of self-sufficiency, ingenuity and our elavated city centre location. However The Good Life has a dark side and dysfunction and discord are never far away.

The artists are Alice Bradshaw, Mathew Brotherhood, David Gledhill, Paul Harfleet, Gary Leddington, Maeve Rendle, Cherry Tenneson, Rachel Tweddell, John Tiney and Ian Vail.

The show previewed on Thursday 14th April and was our busiest yet. Below are some images of the featured artists.

Paul Harfleet 07870 244 153 Hilary Jack 07957 398 451 or e-mail: apartmentmanchester@hotmail.co.uk

Mathew Brotherhood

Mathew Brotherhood studied at the Slade and was selected for New Contempories in 2001. He is London based and has exhibited internationally. Mathew showed this untitled work above in the bedroom and 'Mental ill Being' shown below in the kitchen. He also showed E.T. in the living room a mixed media twist on our perceptions of the friendly alien.

Rachel Tweddell

Rachel Tweddell graduated from Goldsmith's ma in 2003. Rachel makes photographs, short films and books of short stories that draw on fleeting moments, coincidence and surprise. Recent shows include; 'Surveillance' at the Three Colts Gallery, London and Avvistamenti video festival Italy. Rachel showed 'Rabbit'; a photograph developed from a found negative in the living room as seen below.

Maeve Rendle

Maeve is a recent graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan University Fine Art Ma. Her process involves the use of photography and installation. Last summer her work was selected by Mika Hanula for a show in Helsinki. Above is her table; 'Legs 11' this was accompanied by a series of photographs one of which is shown below. Rachel Tweddell's photograph can also be seen in the picture above.

John Tiney

John Tiney graduates from Goldsmith's Ma in fine art this summer. John is interested in forcing art into the gaps between cultures. John sent Hilary and Paul a letter asking them to buy Kinder Eggs with a cheque he supplied. During the opening visitors opened and constructed the toys and placed them on the table as was instructed in the letter. John's video also showed in the living room depicting an artist at work as shown below.

Gary Leddington

Gary Leddington's work deals with fragmented and missing narratives, the emphasis being on what is absent rather than what remains. Above a close up view of Gary Leddington's 'Matter is fact 004' installed on the balcony. Gary graduates from Manchester Metropolitan University later this year.

David Gledhill

Below 'I.T.L.' this painting was shown in the living room a larger painting, 'Garages' was shown in the bedroom. David's work combines elements from the traditions of painting and photography to explore the role of place and memory. David has shown across the country and is currently showing in the Storey Gallery.

Ian Vail

Ian Vail works with video to reconstruct places and sites that undermine or underscore the familiar. Ian has shown internationally and is currently based in Philadelphia. Above a still from Ian's video; 'Pass' shown in the bedroom.

Alice Bradshaw

Alice Bradshaw manipulates functional everyday objects. The resulting dysfunctional forms caricature and reference the original purpose of the object. The above is called 'Refuse' and was shown in the bathroom. Below a similarly augmented pencil; 'Doodle' was shown in the living room. Alice is currently studying fine art at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Cherry Tenneson

Cherry Tenneson works with text and drawing to explore methods of describing the experience of her immediate environment. She is a recent graduate of the Manchester Ma in fine art. The work above was placed above the toilet. A sign was also placed opposite to enable male and female users to read the sign whilst urinating. Drawings were also placed in the kitchen.

  • One of Cherry Tenneson's untitled drawings; shown in the kitchen.

Paul Harfleet

Paul Harfleet plants pansies where ever he has received verbal homophobic abuse, and then titles each location with the abuse received. Above is "Look at what he's wearing! He must be a faggot". This abuse was received just outside Lamport Court where Apartment is located. The Pansy Project is soon to feature in the queerupnorth International Festival. More locations and information is availiable at http://www.thepansyproject.com/.