Julie Campbell

Julie Campbell is a resident of Lamport Court where Apartment is situated. Her response to the space is informed by her own experience of living in a flat identical in layout to Apartment; her project involved working directly on to the walls over a period of weeks allowing the artist time to consider each piece and its interaction with the space. Drawn, painted and etched imagery is augmented by ambiguous text fragments that evoke strange poetic scenarios.
The work is located around the flat, the living room is the main focus. However as the viewer departs on the back of the front door two delicately drawn poppies and the sentence; ‘she felt she would be reborn tomorrow, for sure’ are placed; effectively leaving a thought for the day with the audience as they leave the space. The work is delicately executed, the fragmentary elements especially successful inferring a fractured interior world. Some pieces are potentially missed offering the chance to miss key elements of the work; this adds to the complexity and atmosphere of the work and confirms the fragmentary nature of the artists work.

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