Matt Jones

The work shown in the relatively public rooms is in contrast with the conventionally more private spaces. Matt Jones’s video work ‘Yellow’ is shown on a monitor and placed on the bed; arms dangle back and forth repetitively as a pneumatic soundtrack pulsates; jarring the viewer. The TV sheds a yellow glow onto the white duvet. This work made in response to the artist’s brother dangling his arms from their childhood top bunk is perfectly suited for the bedroom.
Matt Jones’s second video ‘Rubber Dam’ is placed in a cupboard in the bathroom with already present clothes stuffed around the monitor. The video is placed directly opposite the viewer as they sit on the toilet. The uncomfortable noise and image of disembodied black rubber gloves writhing as if endlessly washing hands suggest a disturbing dubious narrative that is an unsettling component of the collection of work located in these most private of rooms.

For this second show the space is effectively split, into public subtle interventions that offer a quizzical glance at contemporary life happening in the kitchen, hall, living room and balcony and a scatological undercurrent existing in the bedroom and bathroom.

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