Melanie Delaney

Delaney attempts to locate the point at which creativity takes place, both mentally and physically, drawing on the allegorical qualities of everyday objects to reveal their significance as cultural phenomena. Here the pastimes of jigsaws and crosswords are investigated as visual and social constructs. Morphic resonance is a form of collective telepathic transference rumoured to be experinced by crossword buffs. It is apparently easier to solve a crossword in the evening than in the morning of publication, as more people have done it. The above hand drawn crossword replica was copied from The Guardian published on the day of the preview and was shown on the kitchen table, a jigsaw was also shown in the living room.


Wayne Brett said...

I live in Hungary and bought last Sunday's Independent on Sunday newspaper. 4 days later I noticed there were horseracing cards and picked out a 5 horse permutation as if I were doing a bet. The bet would have cost £104. I then looked at the results of the 4 day previous races and discovered I would have netted £294 profit. But was that just morphic resonance?

Melanie Delaney said...

It may be, who can tell? But I'm inclined to think that's just jolly bad luck, otherwise known as Murphy's Law, or Sod's Law.

Or it could be you are just very good at betting on horses. Got any tips? I was thinking of having a flutter.