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It is with some sadness that Apartment must reveal that on July 14th, almost exactly nine months after first being installed; 'Joined' by Zac Ingham, snapped. The nylon thread that spanned the estate above is no longer in place. A combination of extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear appear to have taken its toll. Initial evidence suggests that it may have broken at Apartment's kitchen window. The thread has become tangled in a tree near Lockton Court. We are presently in the process of retrieving the thread to avoid any potential environmental damage.

Above is the expanse that was connected by 'Joined':
(a) = Lamport Court, where Apartment is situated;
(b) = Lockton Court.
White line = the nylon threads trajectory across the estate.

We estimate that approximately 500 people saw this piece of work, many more hearing about it through the press and word of mouth. Thank you to all those who came to see the work over the last nine months. Any comments can be left on the blog and for more information about 'Joined' see below, including images and press coverage.


nick crowe said...

aww, sad to hear that its gone.
but it lives on in our memories.

Anonymous said...

But it lives in our memories, especially mine - as I never saw it and only heard about it, would have been great to come accross it without knowing it was art!

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt this be Lockton Court not Silkin Court (at least that's what it looks like from the photo)

Apartment said...

OOPS!....yes it is Lockton Court....was confused for a minute as that's where the photo was taken from.....Thankyou kind person for pointing that out...Apartment!