Martine Myrup

Martine Myrup is a Danish artist living in Glasgow, Scotland. “It is far more illuminating to let the animal’s behaviour determine one’s words, but certainly often more difficult, as there are often no appropriate words in any human language, known to us.” From ‘The Mentality of Apes’ by Wolfgang Köhler (1925) Myrup is interested in the ideas of melancholia and nostalgia. Her work explores the frailness and brevity of human life, while balancing in between melancholy and a subtle humour, seeking to point out the preciousness of gentle gestures. Myrup is currently working on a series of animations and will be exhibiting new work at Intermedia in Glasgow in August Myrup was selected from open submission for a solo show at Apartment entitled “Domestic Disturbances” earlier this year. She has exhibited internationally with recent shows at Sidekick, Nottingham and The Market Gallery, Glasgow. Peculiar Flight; her first artist book was published in April last year

‘Robin’ - animation on laptop, and ‘Act 3’ – cut black and white photograph.

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