Apartment ~ News

Apartment is awaiting news on funding to inform visitors to our blog of forthcoming exhibitions. Berlin based artist Nikola Irmer is the next confirmed show, details will follow soon. Lamport Court where Apartment is based continues to be a centre of various cultural activity. LoneLady (above) continues to create electrifying music on the seventh floor, and has just released a vinyl; ‘Early the haste comes’ is available in all good outlets, for more information on LoneLady visit Lamport Court based independent record label Filthy Home Recordings. Lamport Court poetry magazine continues to support new writing. Paul Harfleet is about to feature his Pansy Project at the Homotopia Festival in Liverpool. Hilary Jack is currently exhibiting at CUBE in Manchester and is preparing a show for Transition Gallery in London. This is not to mention the other bands, artists, DJ’s and musicians based in this unlikely artistic hub.

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