Hello and welcome to Apartment’s blog, as you can see from the links below we have been busy with Artranspennine08 over the last few weeks, over sixty artists have taken part and we’ve been delighted by the response. Though we have also been busy with other projects, we recently went on a curatorial research trip to Berlin with a selection of Northwest based curators, a blog outlines the trip and is intended to act as a resource for other curators who may be thinking of visiting Berlin so do have a look if you’re interested. In our endeavour to showcase other new activity we were pleased to note a new artist-led space in Manchester, ‘Pavement’ is a new exhibition space housed in a former drapery store, for more information click here, the current exhibition by Rut Blees Luxemburg was of particular interest to us ‘Caliban Towers’ depicts a group of tower blocks at night, (image above). In Liverpool we recently attended the opening of an exciting new commercial space; Ceri Hand Gallery is housed in a converted warehouse on Cotton Street in Liverpool click here for more information. We have also updated our links section to the right with new spaces, activities and projects located in the Northwest so do have a browse. Paul Harfleet and Hilary Jack are artists too and have been busy with their own projects so do have a look here and here.

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